Landlord & Tenant

Managing and navigating through lease agreements can be time consuming and costly to businesses, and many Landlord and Tenant issues arise from the process of leasing a property and interpretation of the meaning of the lease.

At Whitecroft Green, we can act on behalf of either the landlord or the tenant, to ensure this process is pain free and cost effective. A number of issues could arise during the course of a lease and through our services we hope to minimise these issues for both the landlord and the tenant. Our services are outlined below, but for further information please click on the relevant link above.

Condition Surveys – these record the condition of a building at a given time, for lease usually this is at the start of the lease term. They are useful to both landlord and tenant as they report the state of the property at a given time. The provision of a condition survey can prevent disputes later on in the lease.

Licence To Alter – a tenant may request alterations to the demised area of the property during the lease, in order to better accommodate their use of the space. Using our services, we can guide the tenant through this process from documenting the changes to negotiating on their behalf with the landlord. Conversely, we can support a landlord whose tenant has requested a License to Alter, discussing with the tenant and reporting to the landlord the implications of the proposed alterations to the building, and the legalities of any changes.

Lease Liability Review – we can support tenants wishing to review their lease agreement or who wish to exercise options to leave the lease early. We can review the tenants obligations, what they may ‘owe’ on leaving the lease early, the steps they must undertake to hand the building back to the landlord.

Repair Notices – we can ensure that the leased property is maintained to the standard it was in at the start of the lease term by issuing repair notices on behalf of the landlord. We can review the property, recommend repair, follow the legal process, and manage the repair process.

Dilapidations – we can carry out an assessment of the liability on behalf of the tenant or landlord when vacating a property at the end of a lease. We provide a fully documented report.